Marius Voigt Logistik
Doppelolympiasieger Hong Kong 2008
unter Hinrich Romeike

Sport horses

The training of sport horses is another important component of the Ritters family's agricultural business.

Carlo with Nick Skelton (GB)

Whetherbred, raised or bought in from elsewhere, horses are trained by Jens and Catrin Ritters together and presented in competitions. Their stock has acquired fame on a global scale through prominent horses, for example Classic Touch (gold medal, individual competition ridden by L. Beerbaum), Marius Voigt-Logistik (Bronze medal, team competition ridden by Guillermo Obligado, ARG), Carlson (competitor in the Olympic Games and World Championships ridden by Guillermo Obligado, ARG) and Kathleen (winner of Grand Prixs ridden by Mario Deslauries, CAN), who all first saw the light of day in Krumstedt.

Classic Touch

But also horses trained by the Ritters family ensured that their name became known across borders. The mighty jumper Wallach Monaco (Locato × Romino) under his rider Gerco Schröder was able to make a big impression at the Athens Olympics.